Reality vs. The Story I’m Telling

Brené Brown puts language about the gap between reality and our inner monologue when she advises to bolster conversations with this statement: “The story I’m telling is…”

We respond to story, and our stories help us make sense of our lives. But our stories don’t always conform to reality, and we’d do well to acknowledge that – even if we don’t change the narrative.

The story I’m telling is that I hate playing the piano. (The reality is that I don’t like the feelings of inadequacy that comes with trying to learn a new skill.)

The story I’m telling is that I’m too busy to practice 5 minutes a day. (The reality is that I’m not prioritizing it, or I haven’t mastered time management enough to budget appropriately, or…)

Careful with the stories you tell, and discard them if they don’t serve you. Even if you don’t discard them, acknowledge that they exist.