Sprint to the Finish

All right, choir teachers.

Many of you are returning to school today after Spring Break.

After a week of re-centering, relaxation, and reflection on the year so far, it’s time to jump back in and sprint to the finish.

It’s easy to relax just a little here at the end of the year – the kids are tired, the sun is warm, festivals, trips, and most concerts are in the past.

Don’t let up. Press on the gas. Consider this:

  • For the next eight weeks, your choirs are the most musically cohesive they will ever be. In September you’ll be starting all over with team building, intonation, and name games.
  • For the next eight weeks, many choirs will be singing the “pops” portion of their repertoire. Please don’t let your students think it requires less work to sing pop music well. That’s simply not true.
  • For the next eight weeks, you have your best chances to create a permanent record of your choirs. Contact a recording engineer, bring them in, and make a CD. Your students will thank you for years. And you’ll have something nice to submit for a conference performance slot!  
There is so much you can accomplish with your students in the last eight weeks. Step on the gas and make them count.


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