Specific Reunions

Are reunions a thing anymore? College reunions can be pretty meaningless for a graduating class of thousands: who do you really know from the class? And as we move through college, our close connections are more likely developing across classes, based on common interest, rather than based simply on age.

That’s why I love specific reunions. Reunions that transcend a particular graduating class, to celebrate the common bond of a particular activity.

It can be a choral reunion, a reunion based on departmental anniversary (50th anniversary of the Latin department!), or a social society reunion. These are more special for the attendees, and mean more than the glorified donation-requests of many institutional reunions.

I’m not going to attend my 20th College Reunion. But I wouldn’t miss to catch up with my fellow Gold Company Alumni this weekend, as the vocal jazz group celebrates its 40th Anniversary. GC40 is a reunion that I can get behind.