Some of the Best Days

Some of the best days I’ve had were the ones I had to talk myself into starting.

The best practices, the best walks, the best runs, the best dinners, the best conversations, the best experiences.

Sometimes it takes talking yourself into walking out he door, talk yourself out of hitting the snooze button. Sometimes it takes bargaining – “I’ll only practice for five minutes, and then I can quit if I want.” Sometimes it takes lowering your own bar – “I just have to type, it doesn’t matter how good it is.” Sometimes it takes a threat – “If you don’t do write your blog, you can’t have that cookie later.” Sometimes it takes a reward – “If you compose a phrase, you can take a nap this afternoon.”

It doesn’t really matter how you get there; what matters is that you complete the practice. Because some of the best sessions are the ones that you had to cajole yourself into.