Come With A Solution & An Open Mind

Changes must be made. A new year calls for new ideas, and for fixing past mistakes.

If I notice a problem, I try to do more than point it out. I try to go beyond the problem and arm myself with the following:

  1. A fully thought-out solution. When I point out the problem, I have a solution in mind, if at all possible.
  2. An open mind. I always remind myself that someone else is going to see the problem in a different way, and in any group someone is likely to come up with a better solution than mine.

Too often, we think that the fact of #2 means we should not bother with #1. But without proper attention to both #1 and #2, there is a strong risk of too much time spent on defining the problem, and not enough on developing the solution.

This framework is useful at every level of group discussion – from the U.S. Senate to your choral rehearsal.