Behaviors I Avoid as a Teacher on Social Media

  1. Don’t Friend Students. I accept friend requests from students, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t want seen on my front porch, but I hold hard and fast that they must initiate the connection.
  2. Don’t Post Complaints in Groups. A surprising number of colleagues will regularly post complaints about students, about teachers, about administrators. Even in a private group just for choral educators, I’m not OK with that. If you wouldn’t say it to their face, it shouldn’t be written down anywhere.
  3. Don’t Share Letters from Students. Like all teachers, and especially choral conductors, I get beautiful notes form my students. But you won’t see me posting them – anymore than you’d see me sharing love letters from my wife. This is private correspondence between my students and myself. I love receiving it, and it is not to share.
  4. Don’t Post Anything You Wouldn’t Say in Class. I live my life as if I’m an example to my students, and am always reflecting that when in public. I think about my social media in the same way.