Snow Day

A snow day exists outside the usual routine. Commitments vanish, duties get postponed.

Students sleep.

What do you do? Perhaps you catch up on some grading or lay out some lesson plans. Maybe you just curl up with a good book and a mug of tea.

I challenge you to take the time to dream bigger ideas. Imagine a snow day as a day outside the Monday-Friday grind, but also not part of the Saturday-Sunday relaxation. Use it to freewheel in new directions, to see what happens.

Start a snow day folder and toss ideas into it when they come to you. Next snow day, pull them out and spend time developing them.

Yesterday I dreamed of what my schedule will look like when I can write music during the day instead of only before 6am. And I temporarily realized that dream, spending about 5 hours writing music – almost a week’s worth of writing time in one day, and all while the sun was up. I know on Monday I’ll go back to my routine, but what a nice dream.

Next time there’s a snow day, what are you going to dream about?

** If you are reading this somewhere without snow days, I hope you have a local weather-related equivalent. If you don’t, I’m sorry.**