Simple & Powerful Like a Kick Line

Dancers know that the moment most likely to cause applause mid-song is not the tricky, dancer-y combination that is their personal favorite.

It’s the kick line.

A kick line isn’t complicated – it’s so simple and straightforward that a rank beginner can get the hang of it. But it’s powerful – the synchronized, lock-step movements tickle the audience’s brains in a deep way.

Sometimes artists can forget to balance their own artistic sensibilities with the simple, powerful moves that can speak to their most important collaborators – the audience.

Compelling plot in an atmospherically written novel.

Unison singing in a tight-harmony vocal jazz arrangement.

Well-voiced major chords in a richly-dissonant choral work.

The use of simple, powerful, compelling “combinations” – regardless of artistic discipline – is a vital and too often overlooked.