Send Them Off With Love

I finished my last rehearsal before break with two attempts at connection.

  1. Reminding them of their connection with some Thanksgiving sharing. What are you looking forward to over break? What is your favorite food? Hearing that your choir neighbor is looking forward to seeing a cousin they never get to see, or that you share a love of pumpkin pie, is a great way to renew your connection.
  2. Sing something lovely and that they love. In our case, it was Frobisher Bay, arranged by Diane Loomer. We’ve only sight read it a couple of times, but the five minutes of uninterrupted singing, even with a few missed notes, was cathartic and ended the rehearsal in a perfectly connected spot.

How will you send your students off to Thanksgiving?

Send them off with love, and welcome them back the same way next week.