Scrabble Rack Management

I have made a personal vow never to complain about the letters in my rack in Scrabble.

The thing is, if you play enough games, you get lot of great sets of seven, and lots of terrible sets with no vowels or all vowels.

The trick is to anticipate how the word you play will affect not only your score, but also your rack. You have to practice Scrabble rack management.

Circumstances change, and we all get good ones and bad ones. But how are your present actions affecting your future situations?

If you have bad present circumstances, will you be stuck with a them for the next four turns? You could skip a turn and sacrifice your rack.

What about great present circumstances? If you choose a few less points now, will you give yourself a better chance the next time around?

(I hope it’s clear that none of this is exclusive to word games…)