Reward after Practice

As you’re building your practice habit, have you found a solid trigger to precede your action? Just as important is what you do after you practice.

Reward yourself.

It doesn’t need to be a big reward. Food is tricky, if you want to stay healthy. Some small thing you love that can show up immediately after your habit is ideal.

A few ideas: read the latest post on a favorite site; check Twitter; take a 5 minute walk; play a move in your online chess game; try a quick round of Candy Crush. The possibilities are endless and should be personal. Five minutes of something you love is enough to cement the practice you just did as having a positive outcome.

You’re tricking your brain into liking practice more.

For me, you might remember that my trigger to write for this blog was turning the tea kettle on. My reward after completing writing is that first sip of tea.