There are certain mile markers that I use to know where I am in a school year. A big part of remaining motivated, excited, and inspired are a series of yearly conferences/events I attend.

In calendar order…

January: Michigan Music Conference
May: Michigan Youth Arts Festival
August: MSVMA Summer Workshop

And finally, in October I have gotten to be a small part in planning the ACDA-Michigan Fall Conference for the last several years. This year, I’m particularly excited – a significant teacher and mentor of both myself and Mandy, Dr. Joe Miller, is returning to headline the conference. Joe currently serves as Director of Choral Activities at Westminster Choir College.

Joe is also Spoleto’s Director for Choral Activites

Joe is a much-loved figure in Michigan choral circles. Even after almost a decade away, he carries a lot of weight thanks to his passion, his intellect, and his tireless efforts to promote choral music.

I can’t wait to spend a couple days in Flint reconnecting with colleagues and especially with Joe.

You should join us!