Recognize Mistakes

If you want to increase your fluency in music and get better as fast as you can you need to learn to recognize mistakes as fast as they happen.
Every repetition of a mistake will cost you 3-5 repetitions of the corrected version down the road.
Part of this is music-sense. As your fluency develops, you become more intuitive of where the music feels like it’s going, and can more easily hear when what you play/sing doesn’t match up. Altos know what an alto part “feels” like, for example.
Part of it is practice of recognizing mistakes. That is where music educators can help.
Spend one minute a day with an exercise that projected or written on the board. Sing or play it for the class with one error. You can make the error obvious at first, and make it increasingly subtle over time.
Our students need to spend time learning to hear mistakes, so they can do a better job of fixing them in practice.

Not to mention: learning to recognize mistakes is a lifeskill that will be valuable whatever your students end up doing.


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