Publishers’ Errata

This is an open call for publishers and/or composers to maintain errata online.

This week I caught two errors in two different scores (of the three I was conducting). I looked on publishers’ websites to no avail – not only did the individual score page have no information, there was no centralized location for errata.

Considering the breadth of publishers’ sites, it should be simple to add a source to check for possible errors. Until they exist, these are the possible outcomes:

  1. Composers receive repeated calls/emails with the same questions.
  2. Conductors edit pieces without knowing the composers’ intent.
  3. Pieces are performed wrong because typos aren’t corrected.

Errors happen, of course. Let’s work together to fix them.

If I were a publisher, I might even propose a small typo reward. If you’re the first to catch an error in a score, you get a $1 credit toward a future order.

Let us help you.