Yesterday I published my post late by several hours.

I like to be posted by six, and have been a little late all week thanks to not having the opportunity to write before the morning.

Yesterday, I didn’t write because my six-year-old asked to play a game. At 6. A. M.

As I was about to say, “Let me just do my work first,” I caught myself and stopped. How often will I have the chance to play a game with him before school?

It’s a small number, that’s for sure.

We have to prioritize what is important to us. Not just theoretically. Actually.

“Nothing is more important than my family,” I hear you say… but talk is cheap. It’s too easy to let the things we love wait while the things that are loudest get handled.

Yesterday I got the chance to put my first priority first.

How about you?

(P.S., I won the game…)