Performing For Children

It takes a different kind of energy to perform for children.

If, say, you are performing for a gymnasium full of elementary school students, age 5-11, you need to adjust more than your programming to reach them. Your facial energy, your physical energy, tempos, interaction – all need to adjust to the audience. Mindful high school students will quickly learn what works–and what doesn’t!–in a situation like that.

The best part of this adjustment is: you should use the same energy, regardless of audience. Sure, you might not perform a Mozart Mass for first graders in a gym, but if you can give the same energy to that performance as you do to “Everything is Awesome” for the kids, you will find that engagement and connection you achieve with your audience will be improved.

Everyone craves human connection during performances; practicing connection by performing for kids can be a great way to enhance your stage presence.