Paralysis of Indecision

I’ve been struggling to prioritize reading books, which I love, in recent months.

I knew that the lure of online dithering was a big part of the problem. But even with that more under control, I still struggled. It was only recently I recognized the other piece of the problem.

The paralysis of indecision: there are so many things I want to read, and I’m afraid of choosing wrong. Especially when I haven’t read much, it’s easy to tell myself that the choice becomes more important, because I read fewer books.

Once I reminded myself that even reading a not-great book is better than not reading, and that the important thing is to choose and begin, it became easier to start reading again. I’ve finished three books in the last 10 days, and it feels so great to be back on board, reading books.

Don’t let the fear of choosing wrong keep you from starting. Whether it’s choosing a text for a composition, programming music for a concert, or just deciding what to read, don’t let yourself be paralyzed with indecision.

Choose and begin.