One Last Song

The inimitable Michael McGlynn celebrated the 30th anniversary of his vocal ensemble Anúna last night at the National Concert Hall in Dublin. It was attended by the Irish president – cheers to a country’s leader appreciating the fine arts!

Michael has an impressive body of choral compositions and arrangements drawing on chant, Irish traditional music, part song, and more – I’ve enjoyed programming his works over the years, and especially commissioning him last year to write May for my ensemble The Rockford Aces.

While I wish I could share May with you today, it’s not quite ready for release. In the meantime, another of Michael’s beautiful works will have to do today. Here’s his One Last Song.

(Text by Michael McGlynn)

Sing me one last song that will carry me away
To the warm summer memory of home;
And that old melody softly echoes on the breeze,
To a pathway that I must walk alone.
I have loved, I have lain on the dewy morning fields
With a cloud of apple blossom in the air.

So lay me down.
I’m weary of the cries and distant drums.
One last farewell.

The time for endless sleep will come.

My Irish roots are strong, and while I’ve never been a St. Patrick’s Day reveler, I’m happy to have a day to remember those roots. And Michael’s music for all year long.