Of Service

Yesterday I baked my 17th loaf of bread in 2015.
I love making bread because it’s a way to be of true service to my family. I know I’m putting delicious, nutritious food into their mouths. It’s a concrete way of showing my love.
We all need to find more ways to be of service. So many of us have a love for things or people that never extends past the verbal. “I love that band (but I never buy their albums).” “I love my community (but I always shop at the national chain stores).”
“I love my partner” but I make more demands than gifts of service.
There are ways large and small, free and costly, to give love to people. Love they can hold.
How will you be of service this week to your colleagues? To your professional community? To your students?

Give them something real. Something that says “I love you” without any words at all.


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