Not About Birthdays

I know someone who’s not about birthdays. I know because I once said “Happy Birthday” first thing in the morning and her response was…not pleasant.

I know other people who aren’t about birthdays because they don’t want to get older. That isn’t her.

This person isn’t about birthdays, I think, because she only likes to give. Receiving, for her, gets in the way of giving.

This person taught me, over and over again, to give, to give, to give. Give monetarily, give of your time, of your ideas. Give silently, give anonymously. Give.

She’s not about birthdays, but she makes the best birthday cake. She doesn’t want stuff for Christmas, but she has more Christmas spirit than anyone I know (save perhaps her grandson). She only wants to give.

So the best thing I can do today to celebrate her is to give. If you want to join me, I’ve selected three causes that I think she would appreciate you donating to.


H—y B——y, Mom.