New Year’s Resolutions

August 9 is the perfect time for teachers to make New Year’s Resolutions!

Let’s be honest…you’re thinking about your classroom pretty much nonstop at this point. You’re programming concerts, planning lessons, considering field trips and run-out performances.

Time to look backwards at last year, think long and hard about what you did well and what you want to do better.

Care to do three New Year’s Resolutions-School Year Edition-with me?

Here are mine.

1. Shift more rehearsal time into letting my choir make musical decisions together.

2. Increase the specificity of my rehearsal plans, and try to do them immediately after a rehearsal ends, not right before a rehearsal begins.

3. Remind myself each rehearsal that choir teachers are most students’ only voice teacher; approach my teaching accordingly.

What are your three? Comment on Facebook or Twitter with your Resolutions!