New Works

What a joy it is to have a hand in the creation or premiere of new music.

Right now I am working with two composers on commissions for my group, the Rockford Aces. Emailing about texts, style, duration and so on is exciting – together we are shaping what a new piece of art will look like.
Just as important, we are working on two unpublished pieces right now that were written and premiered by another group. Second performances are often harder for a composer to come by – without the excitement of a premiere, the piece goes from NEW!!!! to just another piece in the file folder.
If you don’t have the interest or funds to commission a new work right now, how about putting on a second performance of some new works? Call it a “______ Premiere” (Michigan, Midwest, European) to give it a little extra excitement.
Put an inquiry looking for such works on Choralnet and you’ll get dozens of enthusiastic responses from composers and conductors.

It’s a great way to help support new music creation and promotion.


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