New Marriage Testing

US Department of Marriage

MAY 31, 2015
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Marriage Testing Program Implemented

Effective immediately, the US Department of Marriage will begin phasing in comprehensive, regular testing of candidates for marriage. According to USDoM Director Rena Canndu, “This is an important step in our No Marriage Left Behind Program, which aims to have zero divorces by 2025.”

As part of this testing program, couples will begin taking extensive compatibility testing early in the dating process. Starting at three months and at each consecutive month, a short, 3-6 hour standardized marriage test will determine the couple’s suitability.

“There are those who argue that the time would be better spent with the couple spending time together, learning more about each other, but that is simply foolish. This testing will ensure that that they are on the proper path to a successful marriage,” says Canndu. “Data can tell us far more than the subjective views of individual people.”Please direct all inquiries to the US Department of Marriage.