My Kind of Unique

You spend your life looking for people who are “my kind of unique.” Weird like us.
Fellow geeks.
There are people I recognized in ten seconds as on the same road as me. The trick is knowing them from the people at the same intersection, but on a different road. In twenty years, the first can have an ongoing conversation separated by months; the second will have mostly memories in common.
One of the gifts of the internet in general, and social media in particular, is finding fellow geeks not near you. Facebook groups are a great way to find people; so are discussion forums.
Can you recognize them without meeting them? My guesses about which individual members of Pentatonix were fellow Vocal Harmony Geeks seem confirmed from this picture at a recent Real Group concert in Japan.
Also: remaining in touch with old friends can help you see that your kind of weird isn’t just in your field. I see lifelong friends pursuing utterly different careers, and know they are my kind of unique. They’re on a different, parallel road. What a blessing that I don’t have to be near them to know it.