Music Is Elementary

Music is elementary. I mean that in several ways.

It’s elementary because that’s generally the last time that every public school student is expected to participate in music as part of their education. [*]

It’s elementary because I am not sure I know a more fundamental cultural tradition than music. It hits us on a primal level, and it seems clear that’s because it evolved just as our species did.

With that in mind, this is a post aimed at elementary teachers. Not the music specialists. The great souls who spend their days with classrooms full of 6, 7, 8 year-olds.

Music is elementary. You should make music with your class. Every. Single. Day.

Not because you’re going to be the next winner of The Voice. Not because you own the newest KidzBop albums. Not through your advanced training in music.

Because making music is elementary to our being. Make music with your students. Sing folk songs – with no CD track! Play them great music as they color pictures. Learn a few chords on guitar, and keep one in your class. Make human music part of their every day.

Your students need it, and so do you. Music, after all, is elementary.



[*] notwithstanding the increasing number of schools that have eliminated music and art entirely from their elementary schools. [!]