More Afraid of Not Doing It

Singers can have legitimate fear of trying things: auditioning, taking voice lessons, singing a solo, asking for help.

To get over these fears, they need one of two things to happen. First, they can get pushed off the proverbial cliff by a wise teacher or parent.

But if they dig in and don’t let you push them, then they need to find a bigger fear.

They need to become more afraid of not doing it.

Loss of status, loss of opportunity, there are plenty of reasons why they might develop that useful fear. A fear used to motivate is better than a fear used to demotivate.

Our brains want us safe in our comfort zone; learning how to get free and explore new ground is vital to a life of growth.

If you’re having trouble starting something, ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” Knowing what the fear is, you can use one of the two strategies above to get past the fear.