Missing Performances

There is a natural disappointment that comes from not experiencing fabulous live music when it comes right to your door. Over one disappointing week recently I missed local performances from:

The Nidaros Cathedral Girls’ Choir (direct from Norway)
Roomful of Teeth
WMU GCII (featuring two of my former students)

Here are four corresponding takeaways:

  1. We should all be grateful when the universe opens up an opportunity to experience the kind of art that we love. (For me, recently: The Real Group, The US Navy Concert Band, IU VJE1, and more)
  2. We should forgive ourselves when our schedules or personal issues do not allow us to attend everything we want to.
  3. As lovers of choral music, it’s important to prioritize experiencing live performance, which offers a completely different perspective than listening to recordings.
  4. A reminder to college students that they have tremendous opportunities (free or vastly reduced cost!) to experience live music. Fill your well now, for it only gets more difficult later.