Michigan Youth Arts Festival

There are amazing young artists everywhere in the country.

But Michigan is the only place where they celebrate and are celebrated all at once. Roughly 1,000 Michigan Youth Arts Scholars are gathered right now on the campus of Western Michigan University for a weekend of rehearsals, performances, exhibitions, masterclasses, and more.
They represent the best of the best young artists in Michigan, encompassing instrumental and vocal music, dance, theatre, visual art, forensics, and film. I probably missed some.
I have had some of the most transcendent artistic experiences of my life at MYAF events: I particularly remember a performance of Margaret Edson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Wit in 2004. It took your breath away.
Michigan Youth Arts is a non-profit dedicated to supporting young artists through this festival, as well as grants for arts field trips across the state and many other worthy goals. They are also regularly struggling for financial support.
Now would be the perfect time to do two things.
1. Get yourself to Kalamazoo: every event is free and open to the public. Listings here. (PDF)
2. Donate a few dollars to help MYA in their mission.


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