Michigan Choral Commission Consortium

Yesterday, as part of the MSVMA Summer Workshop, I gave a 15-minute talk on the value and obstacles of choirs participating in commissions. I am increasingly convinced that commissioning new works is a vital and neglected part of our duty as choral conductors.

As part of that talk, I announced and launched a new project – the Michigan Choral Commission Consortium.

The consortium will be a non-profit with a mission of shepherding new choral works into the world, supported by the Michigan choral community. I’m beginning with a limited group of only 10 choirs this year; one group-funded commission for $300 per school.

In future years, the consortium will commission a work for every 10 choirs that participate – so you are motivated to get friends to join; 50 choirs get 5 pieces for the same $300.

I’ll be doing the background work of working with composers, recruiting choirs, managing the nature of the commissions, and so forth to ensure the success of the venture.

I’m so excited to try to encourage more composers through this commission work, and really excited that attendees were ready to join me – my list of ten is almost filled!

I’ll keep my readers apprised as I continue down this road; I welcome your questions and your past experiences with consortiums.