The Measure of a Year

How do you measure the success of a choir over a year?


The percentage of chords sung in tune?

The hearts opened by performances?

The passion instilled in your students?

The human connection between your students?

The festival ratings and prizes?

The theory and sight-singing knowledge?

The amount of laughter in rehearsal?

The number who will audition for next year’s choirs?

The number of social media likes for your videos?

The dollars raised in fundraising?

The number of people in the audiences?

The journeys you took with your students?

The novel experiences you have created for your students?

The novel experiences your students have created for themselves?


There are so many ways to measure success.

If you come up short in one factor, remember that there are other factors you might be ignoring.

If you come up with a surplus in one factor, remember that there are other factors you might be ignoring.

How do you measure success?