The Spirit of Christmas

If you believe the true spirit of Christmas is in generous giving, then I’ve got the story for you.

When McNally-Smith College of Music abruptly closed ten days ago, my friends Jen and Shon learned about it in an email that said they wouldn’t be receiving that week’s paycheck – or any subsequent. At ten days till Christmas.

Out of love for their students and community, they leapt to action and have worked tirelessly since then to feed their students and find places for them to continue their education as soon as next semester! They’ve given everything they have and more.

You can read more about their story here on Huffington Post.

Many, many people are having a better Christmas because of Jen and Shon Parker. Their example is one we should all aspire to.

If you’re moved by their story, please consider sending them a little love via GoFundMe. There’s a lot more help they’re going to be giving in the coming weeks and months, and they deserve all the help as they can get.