End-of-Year Refresh

Michigan Youth Arts Festival for me has always been a lot of things.

Hearing some of the finest choirs in Michigan make music. Catching up in the hallways with colleagues and friends. Seeing tremendous films/paintings/dances/plays.

I wrote a little about this the other day.

This year, I left my day at MYAF refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for next year. Next year already? Yes!

A colleague from across the state were talking about how much we love the MYAF S&E Recitals, and agreed: it’s so amazing to hear the beauty from across the state. It’s amazing to hear the different ways beauty can be created – vastly different, in fact. And it’s amazing to be moved by music you would never pick for your own choir – hearing the personality of a conductor and choir come out.

I had a very special amazing experience yesterday. About ten years ago, Mandy and I told a student, “you’re going to be a great choir teacher someday.” To hear his bar-raising performance yesterday among the finest choirs in Michigan was a full-circle moment for me. One I hope keeps happening. As I wrote last Sunday, “teachers’ successes are human beings, out succeeding in the world.” Congratulations, James. You’re remarkable.

And inspiring.