New Listening: Accent “Here We Are”

Accent is one of the most incredible vocal groups in the world right now.

They’re incredible because of their story – six men in five countries, united by a love of rich harmony and a willingness to use technology to bridge their gaps.

They’re incredible because of their blend – six utterly different backgrounds and musical training, coming together with an impeccable sense of ensemble.

Most of all they’re incredible because their music is so darn good.

They’re clearly the musical children of The Singers Unlimited and Take 6, though they already have a clear sense of style and a unique sound. Their appearance at the Gene Puerling tribute in March – including spot-on versions of The Hi-Lo’s tunes – gives them away as fellow Puerling-aholics.

Their arrangements are a harmonic high-wire-act the likes of which I’ve rarely heard, with twists, turns, and reharmonizations to make Mervyn Warren weep.

I’ve truly loved their first full-length album, Here We Are. It’s eclectic and quirky, while remaining cohesive through their sound. Check out the entire album, and in the meantime, enjoy their version of “Rude” by MAGIC! – a version that actually be happy to put on repeat.