Let Us Now Praise Volunteers

A 2 1/2 hour meeting to plan fundraisers and organize events.

Many more hours preparing for the meeting, particularly from the co-presidents, co-treasurers, and attire supervisor.

Constructive support, feedback, and idea-sharing among the group.

This was my Tuesday evening: watching ten adults sacrifice a beautiful summer evening to a volunteer position whose only benefit is seeing their children’s choirs supported.

It’s the picture of selfless volunteerism, and it’s so inspiring to me.

We all volunteer in various parts of our life, but it’s not a given that an organization will have the right people step up and take on these time-intensive leadership roles that get the work done. Year after year I see wonderful people join our team and help carry our choirs to the next level of success.

How do you volunteer? Do you step up when help is needed, or let someone else do the work? Do you choose certain areas to volunteer and sit back in other organizations?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our past volunteers and to our current leadership team: Carol, Karen, Sally, Chris, Gretchen, Brian, Steph…you inspire me.