Keep Singing 2017

Yesterday, I reminded students how much they need choir in high school.

That doesn’t end when you graduate – indeed, when you land at a college campus and know almost nobody, your need for a community and a home is only going to increase. While there are many activities on campus that provide community, joining a college choir is a great way to fill social, educational, and artistic needs in one activity.

The best way to connect with the right choir on campus is to take advantage of the Keep Singing Project, which is on a mission to connecting graduating singers with college and community choir conductors.

The form is easy to complete, and you can learn more at their website or on Twitter and Facebook.

High school students: take the two minutes now to complete this form.

Choir directors: this is a perfect project for the day after your final concert: set up a computer with the form, and encourage each senior to take a moment to complete it.