Keep Singing In College

It’s that time of year where we watch seniors get ready to go. Many have made their post-high school plans and are starting to wonder whether they’ll sing in a choir again.

In my experience, if they don’t join a choir as soon as they start college, they never do. They get busy with other social activities and never find their way back.

That’s where we come in as high school choir teachers. It’s our job to remind them that their journey isn’t over when they sing at graduation: there is a lifetime of music to make, and experiences we couldn’t give them while they were with us.

Best of all, it’s where Andrew Minear and his team come in with the Keep Singing Project. Their mission is to connect graduating high school students with college choral conductors to help a bigger percentage of them to find the right choir in college.

I just tried the form – it takes 3 minutes or less to complete. Every high school choir senior should be completing this! In class!

I find abiding joy in seeing my students continue to sing – and dearly wish more of them did. This initiative helps.

And a sustained shout out to Andrew and his growing team (30 states are now represented with local assistance). Andrew had a big, audacious dream and is making it happen.