Just Show Up

I’m running a half-marathon next Saturday.

Well, running is overstating it. I am doing a half-marathon. Okay, I am starting a half-marathon.

Mandy and I committed to this race in March and started on a training plan that wasn’t too ambitious but would get us ready. However, injuries and other obstacles have left me under-prepared and certain I can’t run the whole thing.

Talking about this recently with an old friend, he reminded me that my job is just to show up. Being at the line when the gun goes off is the biggest hurdle and should be my #1 criteria for judging success.

Which is true of so many things, isn’t it? Show up to the start and you’re already on your way.

So I’m showing up on Saturday. I’ll let you know what happens next.

And if you care to, donate a couple dollars here to pancreatic cancer research to cheer me on.

That’s why we’re running showing up.