Into the World

I’m not certain there’s a better feeling than sending a piece you’ve written out the door and into the world, to the choir that is going to premiere it.

Here’s this piece that you’ve toiled over, working to have the paper reflect your vision (what’s the aural equivalent of “vision”?). When you click “send”, it’s not yours alone anymore – it belongs to the world.

It’s why I only write on commission, and have for the better part of a decade. If there isn’t going to be the satisfaction of it heading toward a premiere, I’m not interested in conjuring the will to create it.

I shipped a brand new composition yesterday to the Livingston County Choirs; it will be premiered on April 22 in celebration of their 25th Anniversary. It will use the separate and combined forces of their SATB chorale, Women’s Chorus, and Youth Choir. I’m looking forward to the next step on this piece’s journey.