In the Zone

How do you stay in the zone? For me, it’s important – and tough – to remember to not overuse it.

I’ve been in a really good writing zone for about a week, with progress made on a number of fronts, music flowing relatively smoothly, and results I’ve been pleased with.

The result is I try to sneak down and write more every chance I get – to the neglect of other responsibilities. Sometimes I write and write until I’ve written myself right out of the zone.

A better plan is to stop before I’m tired. Impose limits on my writing time, knowing that I’ll still be in the zone when I come back.

I think a big part of it must be fear – what if I won’t still be in the right mental state?

The answer is, of course I will; and of course I won’t. Sooner or later, I won’t be in the zone again. It ebbs and flows with health, tiredness, inspiration, mood, and so many other factors. But using it until it’s gone is no way to keep it around.

So, I’m vowing not to overuse my writing muscles.

Although it is nice to get extra writing done before the school year starts…