How Long After?

There’s always a long debate that starts raging around November 1–when is it appropriate to start listening to Christmas music?

I come down on the early side; I’d say November 10 is my typical date. And while I slowly transitioned to mostly Christmas music in week after Thanksgiving, I’m interested in a different question today.

How long after?

How long do you listen to Christmas music after the holiday? I’m not done yet – favorite tunes I haven’t heard quite enough, albums that continue to lift my spirits. I expect to phase out over the coming weeks, but I’m disinclined to go cold turkey. (Of course, I have some friends who will never stop listening, year-round. And while there are certain albums I could do that with, I’m not one of them).

And as I depart Christmas music till next November, I’m delighted to phase in certain new music I received as gifts, or the results of recent Kickstarter projects I backed. Right now, I’m listening to an album you’ll want to buy in a few weeks when it comes out: On The Sunny Side by Tim Brent. It’s great, and I’ll share more about it down the road.