Health Care & The Arts

“Universal health care would do more to help artists in this country than any arts organization could ever do. Every arts organization in this country, in my opinion, should stop whatever they’re doing and throw all their efforts into health care reform.”

Austin Kleon

My daily posts here are dedicated to three main topics: choral music, education, and creativity. (Note: none of those is politics.)

Nothing I have ever accomplished in any of those three realms would have been possible if not for the health care provided for my family by my wife’s job, which has enabled me to pursue a freelance career and be an at-home parent.

All the creative work I have done, including composing, arranging, conducting, teaching – even writing daily here – would have gone undone without the safety net of health insurance.

If the USA were to provide the universal health benefits afforded by every other industrialized nation, I believe we would see a groundswell of artists taking risks and creating. Without the risk of an unforeseen health tragedy decimating their bank account, artists would be free to put new, inspirational, powerful art into the world.

The Affordable Care Act hasn’t solved all of America’s health care problems, but it has improved matters for many people.

If it is repealed, I know that I have many artist friends who will no longer be able to make their art.

And the world needs more art.