Having a Jobby

My organic farmer friend used to look longingly at our little vegetable garden – “I wish I had time for a garden!”

Wait, what? Why would someone who toils 16 hours a day to grow organic crops want a vegetable garden?

The answer is that it would be a job-hobby. A jobby.

Professional musicians have taken their passion and turned it into a career. But the long daily grind can turn even your favorite thing in the world into a drudgery.

In this situation I often suggest a hobby, But for someone with an all-consuming passion for one thing (music, farming, computer science), your passion is your logical choice for a hobby – despite already being your job.

Maybe, like one choral educator, your hobby is a cover band playing locally on the weekends. Many  music teachers conduct a community choir that feeds joy back into their teaching. Others sing in a symphony chorus or other top-flight community choir.

Maybe, like one computer professional, you spend days off volunteering to teach coding to kids.

Maybe, like my farmer friend, you need a garden to putter in.

You’ve found your passion and made career of it: to keep it filled with joy, maybe now find a jobby to keep it fresh.