Getting In Our Own Way

Why do we get in our own way? What is it about middle- or long-term goals that makes them so hard to prioritize?

A few examples:
  • I could not count for you the number of talented singers (even future professionals!) I have seen memorizing Italian on their way to Solo & Ensemble.
  • How often have you crammed for a test? How about just in classes applicable to your career?
Over and over again, people prioritize immediate fun over their own best interests. I’ve seen this so often, I believe it to be nearly universal. I know I have struggled with it.
The few people who find a way to regularly put their long-term desires front and center are the ones who achieve beyond their dreams.
I haven’t found a panacea for this problem, but a few things have helped me.


  • Writing down my daily goals. In ink.
  • Talking to other people about what I intend to do.
  • Checking in with supportive people about my progress.
  • Break a big goal into intermediate, easily reachable steps.