Generosity of Spirit

Here’s what I aspire to in my professional and personal interactions:

Generosity. Generosity of spirit is the bedrock of my collaborations.

I try to make every interaction I have be built on generosity, and when I lapse in my generosity, I apologize and fix it as quickly as I can.

Generosity is giving more than requested.

Generosity is caring more about the project than my ego.

Generosity is caring more about my collaborators than my ego.

Generosity is understanding that when I request things from busy collaborators, I might need to nudge them.

Generosity is giving honest apologies for failures.

Generosity is acknowledging others’ apologies and forgiving their failures.

Generosity is doing as much as I can, as quickly as I can, to make to make a project successful – sacrificing as much as I am able to that end.

Generosity is always treating my collaborators with love and respect.

This is the ideal I aspire to every day. Do I succeed? That is for others to decide.