First Day Last Day

Today is our 13th First Day of School – thirteenth since we finished grad school and started teaching.

It’s also our 8th First Day (in Rockford), our 3rd (Mandy full time), our 9th (with kids at home). It’s our 5th First Day of putting a child on the school bus. It’s my 34th First Day since I started kindergarten in 1982.

It’s our last first day with an at-home child – next year our youngest starts kindergarten.

2007 was our last First Day in Grosse Pointe, though we didn’t know it. 2012 was her last First Day teaching the Freshman Choirs in Rockford. Somewhere around 2035 will be our last First Day ever, if all goes to plan.

What number is your First Day? What kind of a last First Day is it?

It’s always a first, it’s always a last; enjoy it all.