Favorite “On Being” Episodes

I’ve been thinking a lot about On Being recently – it’s almost certainly my favorite podcast/radio show, and one I’ve been enjoying since it was called Speaking of Faith. Krista Tippett repeatedly manages to catch lightning in a bottle with her brilliant questions and generous conversations.

Mandy and I recently made a list of our favorite On Being episodes. They’re all available free in iTunes/Podcasts – forget binge watching on Netflix and try binge listening instead. Guest range from poets to physicists, writers to CEOs, musicians to the Dalai Lama.

Favorite On Being Episodes
by Mandy and Jed Scott

(in alphabetical order because how could you rank them?)

Elizabeth Alexander – Words That Shimmer
Brené Brown – The Courage To Be Vulnerable
Elizabeth Gilbert – Choosing Curiosity Over Fear
Seth Godin – The Art of Noticing, and Then Creating
Adam Grant – Successful Givers, Toxic Takers, and the Life We Spend at Work
Pico Iyer – The Art of Stillness
Yo-Yo Ma – Music Happens Between The Notes
Bobby McFerrin – Catching Song
Naomi Shihab Nye – Your Life Is A Poem
Mary Oliver
 – Listening To The World
Matthew Sanford – The Body’s Grace

and of course you must listen to the reverse interview of a few months ago, when Krista’s new book Becoming Wise was released, and she was interviewed live by Pico Iyer. Listen.

There are so many others. Fall down the rabbit hole of inspiration that is On Being and join us.