Fall A Lot

I loved watching my sons learn to walk. As long as they weren’t near anything too sharp or hard, I would let them fall and watch them get back up. Again and again and again.

The fact is that walking is just falling and catching yourself. You need to learn how to precisely time your footfall so that you fall just the right amount. Catch yourself too soon and you might fall backwards. Too late and you’ll fall forwards.
What my sons were doing by falling again and again was teaching their brain the proper timing. Try 150 milliseconds. Nope, too soon. 250? Too late. Over thousands of tries, they slowly trained their neurons.
As we all did, once upon a time. Now I can walk without thinking about it, until an unexpected curb stymies my subconscious predictions.
I think this is the perfect metaphor for learning any new skill, but I like to apply it to young men learning to navigate the passagio. Of course it isn’t fluid at first. No one walked their first attempt, either.
Try an easy sigh from the top to bottom of your comfortable range. If you try again and again and again and get your conscious brain out of the way, you’ll eventually learn the right timing to successfully pass from head to chest voice.
Learn to sing like you learned to walk. By falling a lot and getting back up every time.

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