Every Snow Day Comes With A Monday

Mondays are many people’s least favorite day of the week (and cats, apparently).

The truth is, though, it’s the transition from weekend to weekday that people hate. We thrive on rhythm, on routine. The weekend disrupts our routines, and the shift back into the routine is what people dislike.

This is the dark side of Snow Days for students and educators. Sure, it can feel like a blessing to have a day of freedom to sleep in, read, to bake or be creative. Young people need more unstructured time, so I’m not against Snow Days as a parent or as an educator.

But every Snow Day comes with a Monday. Every Snow Day, by definition, comes with the ka-chunk of shifting gears that we typically only have once per week.

In my school district, this week parents and teachers dealt with two Snow Days and three Mondays.

I wish there was an easy solution for this challenge, and maybe someday we’ll find one. Meanwhile, it’s nice at least to be able to anticipate when that Monday feeling is coming, especially when it’s not on Monday.