Every Kid Needs a Piano

In a recent parent-teacher meeting, the teachers urged us parents to give our kids the opportunity to grapple with failure, and learn that making mistakes is an important part of having success. (They referenced this article about the Growth Mindset research of Carol Dweck.)

I don’t know a better way to dance with failure than piano lessons.

No one is born with the ability to read music. No one is born being able to play a scale with the right crossovers. No one is born with a Bach invention in their fingers.

When kids take on the challenge of piano, learning the skils and the language of music is priceless. But even more valuable is the practice.

As a parent, giving that experience to my children is one of the most important gifts I believe I can give.

Every single child would benefit from piano lessons.

Give them a couple of years, insist on regular practice, and watch the way they interact with the world blossoms with possibility.