Make Friends With The Empty Page

The empty page is always challenging. It stares at you and dares you to fill it in. It asks whether you really have anything worth saying. It waits patiently for your guard to be down.


Make friends with the empty page and you can weather the empty page.

Here are a few ways I’ve learned to deal with it.

  1. Face it every day. Get used to seeing it.
  2. Lower the stakes. Don’t expect perfection from every word.
  3. Celebrate the small wins. It’s the act that’s worth celebrating, not any praise.

I’ve discovered, too, that making friends with the empty page can transfer from one world to another: my daily writing here has made my musical writings easier to face.

The more you write, the better you become; and the best way to write more is to stop fearing the empty page, and be friends instead.